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Hi Ross this is Loic Guenneguez, Im 20 years old and I’m a french fan. I really love your musical mix between scottish and irish music. I want to know if you will come in France during this year 2015-2016? I want to tell you, I made an irish music album with a friend, maybe if you have 20 minutes you can listen it. Its my first album, i think it will be intersting to know how a professional scottish musician like you think about this album. You can check it on soundcloud, its called Transcendance Loic Guenneguez (2015).
Thank you very much=)

Hi Loic thanks for your message I’m sorry for late reply I don’t check the website that often! I don’t think I’ve any French gigs this year but maybe in 2017! I will have a listen to your soundcloud. All the best Ross

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